Current Exhibition

Color in Nature - Vicki Wilkinson

Mooroopna Town by The MEAC Tuesday artists


Davidson Lopes – Bula Temporaria


Mooroopna Town by The MEAC Tuesday artists


Mooroopna Town

MEAC Artists present an exhibition of paintings, drawings and ceramics about Mooroopna – the landscape, the township, the river and the inhabitants.

Past Exhibition

Artwork by students of Artist Denise Le Clerc

Mimi Leung

Mimi Leung

25 August – 20 October 2017

Mimi Leung is an artist and illustrator born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK. She studied at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art in London. Mimi is currently based in Shepparton and BUG is her first show since winning the Melbourne Art Tram People’s Choice Award 2016 and the birth of her daughter, Yoyo.

All works is available as open edition prints on A4 and A3 archival quality paper. Prices noted on the work labels.

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Sharron Handley

As a child, art was my escape and my outlet, as an adult I explored painting in both oil and acrylics. The creativity and freedom in which I am able to work, allows me to explore and variety  of materials to create varied end results. I will continue   my exploration and journey knowing for me art is  about opening up  and expanding.
Undertaking a Diploma of Arts around 13 years ago, allowed a movement an energy in my artwork along with a sense of permission that I had not previously had.
It is with this permission that I now work, at my art is the result of  this movement of  energy, emotions, feelings, techniques and freedom. I experience great joy while creating each and every piece.
I hope you enjoy my art, not only visually but beyond the visuals . Let art work speak to you, absorb the creative energy and be inspired to move beyond rigidity.

 I first handled   clay as a child growing up in Bendigo   but I i began working with clay in the late seventies   in   kerang  . I   enjoy the malleable feel and   endless   possibilities  of using the wonderful materials.  In 1987 I completed a diploma of fine arts in ceramics at   bendigo  TAFE,  achieving the highest  AGGREGATE IN THE COURE .  I AN NOW IN MOOROOPNA WHERE I AM ABLE TO WORK IN MY STUDIO   and  also teach  privately and at  Shepparton  Art Museum

I enjoy making work on the pottery   wheel as well as making   hand formed figuratives   and sculptura  work.   I make my own glaze and enjoy the challenge of the alchemist   , constantly adapting and modifying my glaze until they create the rite surface and finish for my pieces.

Raku firing creates the depth   and richness of surface  that I want for my raku pieces which were inspired by the  vastness  of inland Australia and the straight  line of the horizon .

The forms are lifted while   still red hot from the kiln using long tongs. They immediately placed in    metal bin   containing sawdust which   ignites   creating  poor  firing  reduction. The burning transforms  the  glaze  and  an  intricacy  of  surface  colour  is  created  when  the flame licks  over  the  walls  of  the  form.

RUKU  firing  is  something  I look  forward  to in autumn  as  the  weather  cools .  this  is  a cold  weather  activity to   create a form that  describes  the  heat of  the  interior, licked by flaming  and  blackened by  smoke. 

Bev Dowd-Skyward

MEAC Artists will exhibit the works that they have created during the year. This will include drawings, paintings and ceramics by all members of the group, including leaders

Bev Dowd-Skyward

August 15th

Oil, acrylic and ink artworks. This exhibition refers not only to the literal flight of birds but also to thoughts and ideas which can and do fly free. Bev is known for the delicate whimsy in her work.

Art of Empowerment

Opening July 29th at 5pm

This exhibition, organised and curated by Dylan McIntosh from Aged and Disability Services, Greater Shepparton City Council will showcase the artworks produced by a group of artists who have been working with Dylan at SAM.

Article by By Hayden Thomson - Shepparton News
Esther Costa


We use a mirror to see our face. We use works of art to see our soul.
George Bernard Shaw.

For the first ten years of her life, Esther lived in Cheshire, a settled and happy family life. One of her early experiences of looking at art occurred when her father took her to a gallery and she realised that what appeared to be a blob close up, was an actual ”thing” when viewed at a distance.

Along with her parents and siblings, she migrated to Australia in 1964. Her father ran a small pig farm in Shepparton and she attended High School there. This was not an easy time for Esther as her accent labelled her as ”different” and she had problems with acceptance and forming friendships.

Although Esther had loved drawing from a very early age, she chose not to select art as a VCE subject as she was deter.mined to become a nurse and needed other subjects to qualify for her course. She nursed for two years before marriage and babies took over her life. During that time Esther did occasional drawing and painting whilst holding down a cleaning job and raising her children.

In 1996, Esther attended PACE college and learned how to paint with oils with Jean Vistarini, a well respected painter and teacher in Shepparton. Jean taught her to paint realistically using scale, depth and colour.

Her art practice intensified when she began attending Dynamic Drawing sessions at Byron Bay with Ron Curran as facilitator. Here she learnt to lose her fear of imperfection and began to loosen her marks on paper.

In portraiture, Esther feels that the way the subject is painted reflects the emotional state of the artist as well as the subject. Choices of paint application, colour and background come from the artist and contribute greatly to the emotional feeling of the work.

Contemporary art also interests Esther. Recent works, exhibited with Splinter Contemporary artists, of which she is a member have a conceptual meaning and have been sculptural as well as painterly.

Esther currently lives in Toolamba with her husband Rocky.