Health & Wellbeing –2017, Begin your journey to better health

It has been a busy first half of the year and has gone very quickly. We now have our new fresh look of shirts and logo. This new look and logo is a reflection of how the exercise programs have evolved over the years which now incorporate many other programs and activities that benefit our health and wellbeing. Some extra things we have offered so far this year are: • Activities in the Park (Qigong) • The Brain Booster program • Qigong Autumn workshop • Qigong Evening Program • The Good the Bad and the Ugly food discussion group • Men’s Health Day (with the support from the Mooroopna Men’s Shed) We have had pleasing attendances for the above programs, finishing in June with another successful Men’s Health Day with the topic on bowel cancer. What’s to come for the second half of the year: • Qigong Winter, Spring and Summer Workshops • Activities in the Park (Qigong) • Qigong Evening Program (4th term) • The Good the Bad and the Ugly food discussion group • Women’s Health Day • Seniors Week We look forward to the continued development of our Health and Wellbeing programs and enhancing the lives of people within our community.

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