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Social Connections


Mooroopna Education and Activity Centre (MEAC) is pleased to offer this fun, interactive and social activity. SoCoMo is a small group, centre-based activity that has been developed to meet the needs of the participants. MEAC will offer a range of activities specifically designed for adults who may wish to participate in an inclusive, fun filled, healthy interactive program designed around the personal needs of the participants.

The program aims to enhance the physical, social, and mental wellbeing of participants in a pleasant group environment that may also provide respite care and support for carers.

  • Daily living skills enhancement.

  • Activity planning.

  • Social companionship and new friendships.

  • Creating a balance between social, intellectual, and physical activity.

  • Activities that utilise participants and support workers skills.

  • Hand, eye, and motor skill coordination activities.

  • SoCoMo encourages positive living.

  • Resource for other community social activities.

  • Job ready education.

  • Computer skills training.

  • This is an evolving group and the program will grow and progress as directed by the participants, support staff or as required.

This is a small group so we will be assessing participants to make sure their needs and MEACs are met.

Participants will need to arrange their own transport to and from the centre, unfortunately, we do not have the capability of providing transport.

SoCoMo happens every Wednesday from 12 pm to 3pm.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch and afternoon tea will be supplied.

This Social group is being offered to people, including those with a disability who are self, or support service managed and have quarantined Core funding through their NDIS plan.


Computers Classes

Be Connected

Want to learn all this and more? Come along to Be Connected, a program designed specifically for over 50s. The program runs at MEAC each Wednesday from 10:00 am till 12:00 noon.


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